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[fic] Democracy drabbles (late) 
3rd-Oct-2005 05:04 am
roses (by iconz_kthx)

(I started these for last week's the challenge three weeks ago. Didn't finish any. But this week I thought, why not! I don't have to follow any '100 words exactly' rules since they won't be for points! I don't even have to stay on-topic!)

Seven shorts, 63-150 words each, "Democracy." Alliance-centric.

Forgotten to Death

Occasionally we come upon things we can’t understand because we’ve never seen anything similar. At least, that was the explanation the Alliance bigshots gave for liberated worlds that inexplicably refused to become Free Planets.

“It’s not their fault,” Captain Radcliff told his hungry, miserable men. They huddled together under the right wing of their gutted flagship (not designed for long periods in cold wet climates, it was rapidly beginning to rust). “The people here just don’t know a good thing when they see it.”

The men were sullenly silent, except for one who grumbled wouldn’t join us either, can’t even evacuate military personnel from a war zone.


Bedtime Stories

Do you know why the Alliance overlooks us? the Landesherr asked. It is because when Alliance politicians wish to comfort their people with the myths of patriotism -- bedtime stories, if you will, repeated by anxious women who have lost sons, husbands, brothers to the military -- probably all three -- there is only space for themselves and their oppressive enemy.

He the blew smoke from his cigar in a long slow stream. Because we are too complicated to make good stories, they forget us, he said, and that is exactly the way we like it.


Long Live the Emperor

“With us today is the editor of the Free World Weekly, Mr. Devesh Singh. Mr. Singh, what in your opinion is the cause of the violent resistance we’ve been seeing on the outlying Imperial worlds recently?”

“Their objection is probably to our patronage of His Excellency the Emperor Erwin Joseph II. I believe they are strongly opposed to our attempts to revive his regency.”

“But Mr. Singh, aren’t these the same planets Central Intelligence classified as least supportive of the Neu Sansoucci reforms? Surely the leading class'd welcome a return of the old order.”

“Ah, but Mr. Gladstone, there is a great deal of difference between disliking radical changes imposed by a government hundreds of light-years away, and wishing for the return of the Emperor. I think we will find that history has closed the door on the Goldenbaum dynasty – the one thing the Empire will never do is go back.”


Sometimes Nothing is the Best Thing You Can Do

“Don’t get be wrong, I’m sure he’s a great guy – fantastic commander – but don’t you wonder sometimes if we wouldn’t all be better off without him? We’re still at war because of him. Hell, I could slaughter ten battalions a month, and by the end of the war I would still be responsible for fewer deaths than Yang Wenli.”

Yang coughed -

“Commander! I, umm, I didn’t see you there sir.”

- and scratched sheepishly at the back of his head. “I do tend to fall asleep in odd places. You can go, captain.”

“Sir!” The captain walked away, his arms stiff at his sides, shoulder blades clearly visible. You could have used his back as a ruler. Schenkomph watched him go.

“Not that I don’t know the answer, but aren’t you going to discipline him for that remark?”

“Hmm? But it was true.”


Why Yang Doesn’t Watch TV

"You’re not going to…you are. Idiot! That’s the same mistake that…ARG, I can’t believe you just used that metaphor. Don’t you have any sense of history?”

Julian looked from Yang to the television and back again. “Watching the political debates again?”


Julian calmly removed the bowl of lemon drops from the coffee table before Yang could throw them.




Julian looked up from the paper he’d been diligently covering in red ink. “Mmm. It’s a short article about the first President. ‘It has been concretely established that the correct response to unfounded accusations by rival political parties is the avocation of tighter standards for party formation, so that unprincipled groups whose only wish is to discredit the government are not publicly supported. As shown by Gerwald’s actions in SA 644-‘”

Yang’s mouth quirked upward. “And does it say anywhere in that paper that our second President repealed those laws, opened the party archives to public scrutiny, and was re-elected to a second term?”

Julian scanned the rest of the paper. “I don’t think so.”

“The only thing history definitely proves,” said Yang, “is that you can use history to prove anything.”


The History of Heinessan We Do Not Have

"Are you sure about this, sir?"

Commander Johann Brandt dropped a cigarette to the tarmac and ground it out with the heel of his boot. “Less than a third of the Empire meets His Excellency Rudolph’s high stadards of racial purity. Do you think we’re all happy to watch while the rest of you get shot up? Go out for drinks afterwards? What do you take us for?”

“I don’t know, sir, I just-“

“You just nothing. I’m putting you in charge. Take this fleet, gather as many people as you can, and pursue those damn rebels in their stupid ice ship. And you are not to return to the Empire until you’ve captured every last one of them, you understand? If you come back I’ll have you court-marshaled.”

Jean Mashengo looked over his ships, outfitted with the latest self-contained hydroponics which would allow them to survive without the Empire indefinitely, and snapped a sharp salute. “Yes, sir! I promise not to return, sir!”


Okay, and now to bed homework.
3rd-Oct-2005 10:45 am (UTC)
I keep reading these and the drabbles you posted earlier, and I don't think I can ever adequately express appreciation, because HISTORY OMG. ♥ I especially love the last drabble in this batch -- I keep thinking of writing "history from below" stories for LoGH, but never got around to it. To reiterate: Marry me. *clasps your hands*

And I see that Yang has the same reaction to politicians as I do. XD And eeeee, "Education" is just perfect.

I think that between the two of us, the Alliance has pwned the Empire. XD
4th-Oct-2005 02:57 am (UTC)
XD thanks! There's something really appealing about the exodus to Heinessan. Don't they say at one point that it took 200 years? Every time I hear that I imagine this large, multiracial expedition bravely navigating uncharted space, Fearless Charismatic Leader at the helm and a lot of bickering, probably, underneath him, because THESE PEOPLE ARE STUCK TOGETHER ON ONE SPACESHIP FOR 200 YEARS. *sighs happily* I love sci-fi drama.

"History from below": do you mean history from before the begging of the series? History from an original character perspective? History that explains the way the world works? Something else? In any case YES PLEASE. ♥

...during the TV one I was thinking, this is so incredibly OOC for Yang (he'd watch with outward calm but inner bitterness, and make a lot of sarcastic comments) but probably in-character for my flist. XD you and absenceofmind especially.

WE HAVE. Total score: Empire five, Alliance ten! And now that I said that I feel like I've cursed us, acccck. It's as good as an invitation for a counter-attack.
4th-Oct-2005 03:55 am (UTC)
Wasn't it 50 years or something like that? Fewer than a hundred, at any rate, because I remember that Heinessen's second-in-command (who took charge of the expedition when he died) was still alive when they landed on the planet.

"History from below": I had in mind the stories that didn't make it into history books or existed as anecdotes, history from the people who weren't leaders or noted personalities. Micro-history, if you will, or subaltern history. The way this would play out in fanfic would be to bring in original characters, mostly, but I think there are tons of minor characters that you could write about. A pilot who wasn't Oliver or Ivan, for example, or one of the Rosen-Ritters. Or an unnamed technician. Or one of the "hostesses" in Iserlohn (come to think of it, that brings up uneasy associations with camp followers and comfort women -- how many of them decided to stay when the Alliance took over, and further on when *spoiler*?)

Ahahaha. I don't think Yang is necessarily that OOC, given that he has conversations with Julian's cat and his reflection in the mirror. Though, yes, it'll probably only happen if he had a tough day and hasn't had anything to drink. XD

But really, historians and history-lovers do tend to get, er, passionate about these things even when they're normally rather calm and collected ("OMG YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT. ARE YOU ILLITERATE? HAVE YOU NOT READ ____ BY ____? AND IT DIDN'T HAPPEN THAT WAY! WTF???").
4th-Oct-2005 07:16 pm (UTC)
You're right, it was fifty years. Man! I really need to re-watch some episodes, I'm having so much trouble with facts in this series. (Fifty years, with the planet founded by Heinessan's second-in-command, reminds me of Moses wandering 40 years in the desert only to die across the river from Jeruasalem. Just sayin'.)

Now I really want to see you write one. Thatwouldbesoawsome! Especially if you wrote about hostesses -- they wouldn't speak the language, you know? Only the Rosen Ritters and probably a few educated officers would be able to speak German with them. I wonder whether, by the time *spoiler* happened, they'd learned any English.

I totally forgot about the mirror. I remembered the tantrum he threw during the Inquisition, though. I think if I was Yang I'd be upset too, considering the PITIFUL state of history education in the Alliance. (I can only assume it's pitiful, what with everyone with any talent being in the military, and the military officer's school not having a history department. Sheeesh.)
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